Münsterland, Niedersachsen and the area…

If you are visiting for a short period of time, the must-see in the region would be
Münster, a 300000 inhabitant city, just 40 km from our apartment.
Münster is a gorgeous city, dating back as far as 793. You can visit its Gothic Town Hall (14th century), where the Treaty of Westphalia was signed in 1648, thus ending the Thirty Years’ War. The Prinzipalmarkt (principal marketplace) is also a sight to see, with its historic buildings leading to the St Lambert’s church (1375). A large amount of museums can be visited: the Naturkundemuseum, the
Pablo Picasso Museum, the Westphälisches Pferdemuseum, the Dommuseum etc…Münster is also the bicycle capital of Germany: every road has a bicycle path to it, and The Promenade encircling the center will enchant you with its beauty any season of the year. In December, Münster is hosting one of the most beautiful christmas market in Germany.

Additionally, our region offers a wide range of activities, from gorgeous bicycle rides around lakes and forests, to water castle guided tour.Below you will find a few suggestions depending on your interests:

For culture fans:

For sports lovers:

  • Go fishing in the surrounding lakes and come back with a nice trout for your evening supper (just ask us and we will arrange a permit for you) - 0,5 km
  • Our region is especially known from bike lovers for its outstanding choice in beautiful bicycle tours
  • If horseback riding is what you’re looking for you can go the Anna Schreiner Westerntraining in Ochtrup - 14 km
  • Drive like a pro in the Knatterdrom karting track in Greven - 24 km
  • Live a day in the skin of a monkey jumping from tree to tree in the Kletterwald Ibbenbüren - 33 km
  • Go rock climbing in the climbing wall High Hill in Münster - 40 km
  • Make a hole-in-one in the golf clubs Golfsportclub in Mesum (15 km), the Golfclub Münsterland in Steinfurt (16 km) or the Golfclub Euregio in Bad Bentheim (17 km)
For nature lovers:

  • Go for a swim in the Haddorfer lakes and enjoy an ice cream or some cold drinks at the Seecafé - 2 km
  • Discover a wide range of plants and flower, along with more than 300 different varieties of fruit in the Kreislehrgarten - 18 km
  • Go for a walk in the historical garden Bagno - 18 km
  • Visit the most beautiful parc in Germany (2008) and Europe (2009) around the Aasee in Münster - 45 km
  • Enlarge your botanical knowledge in the Botanischer Garten Münster (45 km) or Botanischer Garten Osnabrück (55 km)
  • Observe wild birds in the natural bird reserve Rieselfelder in Münster - 48 km
For the little ones:
  • Various public playground are at your disposition within a few kilometers of our house. No not hesitate to contact us for more information.
  • If they like to swim, bring them to the lakes in Haddorf (2 km), the outdoor swimming pool in Neueunkirchen (5 km) or the indoor swimming pool in Wettringen (7 km)
  • Let them run, hide, jump or slide in the Jelly Beans center in Salzbergen - 14 km
  • Offer them a world of fairytale and let them slide down magical toboggans in the Sommerrodelbahn und Märchenwald in Ibbenbüren - 30 km
To relax:

  • Enjoy the soothing atmosphere of the thermal bath in Bad Bentheim - 17 km
  • Feel like going to the Sauna? The Rhenivita center in Rheine (14 km) or the Saunapark in Epe (25 km) are waiting for you
For animal lovers:

  • Just by walking around the house, you can see some pigs, caws, chicken, sheep, goat, deer, cats or dogs belonging to the neighbor farms
  • The Naturzoo in Rheine (11 km),the Tierpark in Nordhorn (29 km), the Allwetterzoo in Münster (46 km) or the Burgers’zoo in Arnhem (NL 130 km) are welcoming you to visit your favorite animal and discover their many friends.
  • Observe wild birds in the natural bird reserve Rieselfelder in Münster - 48 km
  • If you like to watch horses, our region will certainly exceed your expectations. Almost every second field in the surrounding area has horses grazing in them. We are only 75 km from Germany’s horse city Warendorf.
  • Unique in Europe are the Dülmener Wildpferde, which you can admire between march and November in Dülmen. If you are lucky, you might get some tickets to see the Wildpferdefang im Merfelder Bruch in June - 67 km
For adventurous souls:

  • Go back to the middle age during the Ritterfestspiele in April in Bad Bentheim - 17 km
  • Discover an underwater world in the Tauchpark in Ibbenbüren - 28 km
  • A world of fun is waiting for you at the Movie Park in Bottrop - 90 km
For gourmets:

  • In the spring, enjoy delicious asparagus and strawberries at Lastering Spargelhof - 1 km
  • Our favorite restaurants in the area:
  • Hagenhoff, Wettringen - 7 km
  • A cosy atmosphere with an sought-after menu at An de Bahn, Wettringen - 7 km
  • The best Zwiebelfleich we know at the Hotel Zur Post, Wettringen - 7 km
  • Thies in Neuenkirchen - 7 km
  • Gastronomic Italian restaurant Don Vito in Emsdetten - 22 km
For shopping addicts:

  • Need some new clothes? The new Factory Outlet Center FOC in Ochtrup with its 11500m2 shopping area and more than 100 brands is just what you’re looking for - 13 km
  • The city centers of Münster or Enschede offer plenty of shopping possibilities - 45 km