Our house….

Our house is situated in an old school in the country side, called Landschulheim. The school was built in 1952, and sold to be privately used in 2007. It has then been renovated between 2008 and 2012.
We have put a lot of our hearts and energy into building this house, and thanks to Carsten’s carpenter skills and Sophie’s french touch, it is now a cosy place to stay.
Many items in our holiday apartment are either self made or renovated, such s the 1898 massive oak doors or the 1930 wooden floor. Our garden is mostly inspired by Sophie’s grand parents garden in south of France, and the name of the house itself comes from Brittany, the “birthplace” of our family’s most precious memories.
Books are all around the house, available in various languages (German, English, French, Spanish, Italian and Chinese).
We also have a large choice of DVDs, for those who might prefer the multimedias.
The kitchen has all necessary appliances: oven, dishwasher, fridge, coffee machine, water boiler, large choice of pans, tableware, etc…
A secured internet connection will be available very soon….

We are always looking for ways to make our apartment more convenient for you, therefore welcoming any suggestions or comments you might have.
We will do our best to make your stay with us as enjoyable as possible.

Looking forward to seeing you here,

Carsten & Sophie Tappe


Our garden is full or surprises: depending on your arrival time, you will find different types of flowers or fruits waiting for you in your holiday apartment, brought directly from our garden to you...